He is a gentleman, the most handsome man in the world. His has elegant manners and humble temperament. The pure eyes makes him like a solemn missionaries. His smile can touch one’s heart. He is the dreamboat of millions of women. Countless beauties passed his world but didn’t occur the scandal once. Time has passed away for over half a century, he is still the idol and moral example of global fans. He is Gregory Peck.

She is an angel and well-born. She can speak five languages. She looks so elegant and decent with extraordinary manner. She is noble and kind and even has been the idol of millions of global women. I really don’t know how to express her beauty. I just want to say, she is perfect. Yes. She is Audrey Hepburn.

In the spotless blooming age, the angel encountered the gentleman in a romantic city -Rome. A pure love quietly sprouted on that holiday. At that time, he was already a well-known star all over the world and had just finished a 36-year-old’s birthday. But she was only 23 years old. She was his fans and almost crazy worship him. When she met him the first time, she was even too excited to speak. He was the same. When he met her at first fight, his heart was touched.

In Roman Holiday, they are the leading role. After work, they would go walk beside the river and enjoy the beautiful moment. At that time, his marriage was going to the end. He knew he love her very much. But he was a articulate man and used to hid everything behind his placid expression. She feel in love with him too, but didn’t express to him. She knew their love will have no result. Many times, a modesty flower is always unable to bloom on one of the branches of Silence. Thus, a story in that summer came to an end, and no later.

The release of “Roman Holiday” made Audrey Hepburn a dazzling rose under the spotlight overnight. Soon, she had her own love, Meir Philippine heat, the famous Hollywood director. Peck attended her wedding. He was still so gentle and kind. But no one knew that under the placid smile, he has helplessness in his heart and had to accept their fate. As a gift, he sent her a batterfly brooch. That was 1952. Love for them is both start and end.

Later, she got divorced. But she found another marriage again. One after another men walked in and out of her world. The unchanged love is the batterfly brooch.  The year of 1993, the angle flied into the heaven. 77 years’ old Peck came to see her off. He lowered his head, slightly kissed her coffin and finally said out his innermost thoughts and feelings, “You are the only love in my life.”

Ten years later, the Sotheby’s New York auction house held a charity bazaar to sale Hepburn’s previous private clothes and accessories. Peck came again just for the butterfly brooch. Finally, he got it and kept it as a memory of Hepburn. 49 days later, this gentleman closed eyes with a smile on his face. This butterfly brooch was held in his hand. Maybe, he went to see his angel in the heaven.

We sincerely wish they can get together and keep their love forever in the heaven.