Google Glass App Analyzes Your Emotions by Facial Expressions

2014-3-7 17-45-05

Emotient announced its new application that using Google Glass analyzed people’s emotions based on facial expressions, indicating its first step into applying its technology in the wearables market.
Google glass is called one of the most advanced electronic products, but different people hold different view on it. For example, someone had been refused to into a restaurant, since he was not willing to take Google Glass off. Sentiment Analysis prototype app for Google Glass can solve the similar problems like this.

However, the company’s current focus is on the corporate sector, rather than individual users. Ken Denman, Emotient CEO, said that this is a breakthrough technology that can analyze facial expressions in anonymous way to help companies collect customer sentiment and this service will have great benefit on the customer experience, especially in the retail sector.

The software claims to be able to analyze the most subtle changes of facial expressions, so as to infer people’s true psychological feelings. For example, through the analysis of system, it is found that the reason why sales performance of your store is so poor because people will overwhelm angry and pain once walking into it, so it is better to paint the wall into purple color.
One might worry that this software may secretly record and store users’ images, but Emotient promised that this situation will not happen.

Insiders believe that that this technology can also be helpful for individual users. Misunderstandings between people is increasing in modern era, even they have reached a dangerous level. If we can fully understand other people’s emotions, it will great helpful to make a better communication for eliminating misunderstanding.


Smart phones will Replace Digital Camera

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Without the statistical data, you should be able to discover that people use digital camera are becoming less and less, while more and more people use smart phones with built-in high resolution camera. Although the image quality of smart phone has a gap, compared to digital camera, beautify editing, instant sharing, Internet access, making calls, sending messages as well as other functions enables it to enjoy a lot of advantages than a single digital camera. That is why the smart phone will replace digital camera as a popular photograph tool.

In fact, we can also make prediction from the phone makers. Nokia released a Nokia 808 PureView in 2012 whose camera’s resolution refreshed the parameters standard of mobile phone lens. Moreover, in September of last year, Sony launched QX100/QX10 external lens specially designed for mobile devices which can expand the phone’s camera performance.

About 5.2 billion people in the world use mobile phones and 4.4 billion people use mobile phone to take photos; while 1.14 billion people use smart phone.

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Early in 2013, the number of global mobile subscribers exceeded global population. Smartphone shipments surpassed non-smart phones for the first time.

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Smartphone sales of world’s major regions showed a growth trend: an increase in Eastern Europe and Russia was 74.1%, 55.7% in the Asia-Pacific region and 31.6% in Latin America.

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Global shipments of digital cameras reduce by 40% in 2011-2012.

On the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2013, global shipments of cameras fall by 43%. The global shipments of SLR decline by 48%, while global shipments of digital cameras shrink by18%.

On the first half of 2013 to the first half of 2013, the global production of the camera falls by 45. The global production of SLR declines by 49%, while global production of digital cameras shrinks by 24%.

October 2012, global sales of SLR are 3.8 million units; October 2013, global sales of SLR go down to 11.6 million units.
In 2012, global sales of digital camera 147.5 million units; in 2014, global sales of digital cameras is expected to be 59 million units.

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Researchers are Developing a New Non-flammable Battery Replace Lithium Battery, Making your Laptop Free from Fires

2014-3-5 14-44-15

As we all know, many brands of notebooks have ever appeared the condition of spontaneous combustion. Even though this condition does not occur to your laptop, it exists a great risk of going up in flames because of its built-in lithium battery. Of course, the possibility of spontaneous combustion is small. It would be wonderful thing, if there would be a new type of battery which can completely avoid leading spontaneous combustion to electronic devices, allowing users to use those devices safely. It is said that scientists from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are engaged in researching and developing a new type of battery which is desired to become the best alternative to lithium battery.

The team recently discovered that a fluoride polymer known as PFPE shows very little risk of ignition, especially compared to your standard Li-ion battery. (Interestingly, the material also prevents marine life from sticking to the bottom of ships, but that’s beside the point.) Using PFPE to dissolve lithium salt, researchers discovered that the polymer is a viable, non-flammable alternative to the electrolyte. According to UNC, the electrolyte is the “only inherently flammable component” of current lithium-ion power packs, so this discovery could very well pave the way to a safer product. The next step will improve battery cycle performance, with the goal of integrating the material into the standard battery design.

High Performance Intel Solid State Drive Unveiled

Intel solid state drive has been the first choice for most game players due to its high quality and performance. However, in the recent years, the target of Intel solid state drive is mainly concentrated on business market.

2014-3-3 13-16-27
This situation has been finally broken today, and Intel officially released of the new solid-state drive – “SSD 730” for high-end gamers and workstation users. The “SSD 730” is the first completely self-designed solid state drive. The operating frequency of host controller or flash is improved to ensure better performance. The surface even has been drawn a Skulltrail skull logo which represents the high end status and high performance.

2014-3-3 13-17-17

The 2.5 inch “SSD 730” solid-state drive has only 7mm thickness without mASTA version. Master controller adopted Intel’s third-generation product, supports for SATA 6Gbps, eight-channel and 600MHz operating system. Flash particle is Intel 20nm MLC, but 240GB or 480GB storage capacity is available.

2014-3-3 13-18-04

It is founded by dismantling that 480GB models uses 16-Gbit flash memory; each contains four Dies and one of them can be used as redundancy to protect blocks and Die-level failure. The flash interface is still 64 GB ONFI 2.1, but the flash frequency has been upgraded to 100MHz from 83MHz, so the bandwidth of each channel is up to 200MB/s. If you want this solid state drive to achieve its maximum performance, you can double-disc set up RAID0.

2014-3-3 13-18-52


Continuous Reading Speed: 550MB/s or 1020MB/s
Continuous Writing Speed: 270MB/s or 530MB/s
Random Read: 86000 IOPS or 136000 IOPS
Random Write: 56000 IOPS or 136000 IOPS

Continuous Reading Speed: 550MB/s or 1020MB/s
Continuous Writing Speed: 470MB/s or 910MB/s
Random Read: 89000 IOPS or 168000 IOPS
Random Write: 74000 IOPS or 145000 IOPS

Wise Button—A Universal Remote Controller and Brilliant Tracking Device

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Wise Button is a universal remote controller and a brilliant tracking device. It can connect to smart phones, tablets, music players, laptops as well as other smart electronic devices and be compatible with any operational systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
2014-3-3 15-25-43
You can easily attach it to your keys or handbag and is a smart and stylish helper to make your life much easier. Now I will introduce its main functions.

Using the Wise Button, You Can Control Your Devices Remotely
2014-3-3 15-26-00
When you are in bed, you are too lazy to get out of bed to browse photo gallery, video files or websites via computer on the desk. The Wise Button helps you to get through this information without touching the computer.
2014-3-3 15-26-41
When you are making a presentation, the Wise Button will turn into a PPT pointer for page breaks.
2014-3-3 15-26-14
Do you want to replay a tender song to build romantic atmosphere for you and your lover? Or do you want to skip the rock song when you are immersed yourself into work? Wise Button can do it for you. By pressing the Wise Button, you can skip a song playing on your stereo in the other room or play it once again.

You can use Wise Button to control the smart phone built-in camera to take the beautiful photos, film videos or record sound remotely.

2014-3-3 15-27-08
One special function of Wise Button is that it will send alarms once it connects to the device within 20 feet away from you.

2014-3-3 15-27-20
When you get up in the morning, you could not figure out where you put your phone. Just press your Smart Button and the phone will display itself.
You could not find your Wise Button this time. Do not worry. You smart phone help you to find it. So when you attach the important things to Wise Button and you’ll always be able to find it.

2014-3-3 15-27-34

2014-3-3 15-28-06
If you want to keep track of several items from your device at the same time, you can buy Wise Button Sticker which is specially designed to do so. This mini gadget with only 35mm Dia. and 7mm thickness adopts Bluetooth technology for tracking devices within 150 feet.

Meanwhile, this Wise Button Sticker can charge by USB. It works s without recharging for 3 months and its lifespan lasts for many years.
2014-3-3 15-28-33

2014-3-3 15-29-40
Wise Button is easy to operate, and even a child can use it, because of its special Software. You can use a set of common functions or adjust them to your needs the way you want.

Ultra Slim Large Screen Tablets—Galaxy Note 10.1, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Air and Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Ultra Slim Large Screen Tablets—Galaxy Note 10.1, Kindle Fire HDX, iPad Air and Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The type of tablet has become increasingly diverse. People take the size, system and performance as purchasing references. There is no doubt that one tablet with ultra slim body is become more and more attractive, and it tends to be stylish and portable. Besides, there is undeniable fact that the large screen tablets are becoming increasingly thin. There are four ultra slim large screen tablets which you should pay attention to in the market.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

2014-2-27 14-35-04

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is one of the lightest and slimmest 10 inch tablets. Its overall configuration and performance is impressive. It only weighs 540 grams and has 7.9 mm slim body. Its impressive configuration includes ultra-clear screen with 2560 * 1600 resolution, Samsung Exynos 5420 dual quad-core processor, 3G RAM and 8MP rear camera. In addition, the interface follows the touch pad operation. Generally speaking, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is one mainstream high-end tablet in 2014.

2. Kindle Fire HDX

2014-2-27 14-35-36

Amazon launched a new Kindle Fire HDX tablet last year which is run by Snapdragon 800 processor. It features ultra-clear screen with 2560*1600 resolution, 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 VGA Card. Its performance is very powerful. The 7.8mm slim body and 8.9 inch screen balance the screen experience and portability. In a word, Kindle Fire HDX is a cost-effective tablet.

3. iPad Air

2014-2-27 14-36-18

Apple Released iPad Air with completely new design has only 7.5mm slim body and weighs 469g. It become more portable, compared to iPad. It still adopts retina screen with 2048*1536 resolution and 64 bit A7 processor. Moreover, it is run by iOS 7 operating system and has rich application resources, making it become preferred purchasing choice.

4. Sony Xperia Tablet Z

2014-2-27 14-36-32

Sony Xperia Tablet Z, as one high end tablet, came to market last year. It is ultra slim, only 6.9mm thickness. Meanwhile, it is waterproof and dustproof and can be used beside swimming pool and beach. Its impressive configuration includes 10.1-inch 1080P screen and Qualcomm quad-core processor that ensure its powerful performance.

46 inch Waterproof Multi-Touch Android Smart Coffee Table

2014-2-26 16-19-25

Ideum, a world-renowned large-scale multi-touch hardware device manufacturer, collaborated with 3M touch department to release a new Android coffee table recently. Ideum hopes that this Android smart coffee table will become a part of consumers’ life.

2014-2-26 16-18-59
This Android system coffee table belongs to one product of Platform 46 series. It has 46 inch super large touchscreen and is run by Android 4.1 operation system. Ideum had introduced a 32-inch smart coffee table before. Although its overall performance is fairly satisfactory, the 32 inch screen is small indeed for a coffee table.

2014-2-26 16-18-24

This 46-inch Android coffee table with up to IP54 waterproof protection seems quite tough. It is not only equipped with a 1080p full HD screen, but also covered with a layer of chemically reinforced glass panel on its surface. Therefore, consumers do not need to worry that the table will suffer a failure if you accidentally spill coffee on it. All frames made of high grade aluminum are very delicate. Meanwhile, this coffee table with 60 touch points completely frees from the interference by surrounding light source.

2014-2-26 16-17-14

Ideum claimed that the functions of this Android coffee table are similar to ordinary smart phone and tablet. It can run all Android applications. The users are allowed to install any applications as long as they want. Besides, it has impressive configuration: Core i7 3770s processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The coffee table also has Ethernet and Bluetooth capability, as well as wireless N WiFi. It will be an amazing enjoyment that you can play games on this multi-touch android coffee table when you are drinking coffee.


HTC Desire 816—Mid-Range Smartphone with 5.5-inch 720 Screen

2014-2-26 16-54-31

HTC officially released Desire 816 smart phone at today MWC2014 (Mobile World Congress) which is targeted at the middle markets. This smart phone features 5.5 inch 720p screen and 1.6FGHz quad-core processor.

2014-2-26 16-56-03

At the beginning of launch conference, Peter Chou, HTC CEO, spent a lot of time to introduce the importance on the design of smart phone. He deemed that a smart phone with a nice-looking will more popular than the one with powerful functions to certain extent.

2014-2-26 16-55-19

HTC Desire 816 as mid-range smart phone aims to the middle markets. It is equipped with dual-frontal speakers and HTC BoomSound that boosts audio performance. It comes with a 5MP front camera with wide angle lens and a 13MP rear camera and it is the ideal phone for photography lovers. Powered by 2600mAh battery, HTC Desire 816 supports for micro SD extend card and nanoSIM card. It is run by 1.6GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor. Moreover, it features 8GM ROM and 1.5GB RAM.

2014-2-26 16-48-33

The new Android mid-range smart phone will be available in black, green, white and red, starting in China next month.

How to Achieve Better Shooting Enjoyment by Using Professional Camera with Wi-Fi Function and iOS Device

Although the smart phone has already been the mainstream shooting equipment, the professional camera with excellent picture quality is still our first choice when it comes to working requirement, professional field and travel. More and more SLR cameras and single-camera are beginning to integrate WIFI function, so we can send pictures to mobile phone, tablet as well as other mobile device via this function. These pictures can be revealed after simple processing. Now I will introduce how to use Wi-Fi camera and iOS device to enjoy better shooting experience.


Pre-Setting and Essential Tool

2014-2-25 14-53-30

Obviously, you first need a professional camera with built-in Wi-Fi function, such as the Olympus OM-D E-M1, Canon 70D, Sony A7 and other SLR cameras. Then, you need to search related applications on AppStore of iPhone or iPad based on the brand of your camera, which ensures that the both devices can directly access to the Wi-Fi connectivity to share photos or use wireless remote control to take picture.
It should be noted that you may need to adjust the transmission resolution of some images in the application of iSO, and it can be selected in the application settings. Next, it is time for you to take picture.

Wireless Remote Control or Image Transmission

2014-2-25 14-54-41

Picture Taken by Connecting Camera to iOS Application

Some digital cameras such as Olympus OM-D E-M1 can achieve more diverse shooting experience by the iOS wireless remote control. For example, in the absence of a tripod, if you want to capture the effect car light lines at night by reducing the shatter speed, you can use iOS wireless remote control. Fix your camera position, and then adjust the exposure mode, driving pattern and iSO etc, finally trigger the shutter to start taking photos. It is very easy and convenient.

2014-2-25 14-55-13

Modifying the Picture through the Image Processing Application of iPad

After finishing shooting, you can modify your photo by image processing application of iPad or iPhone, and then release them on the social platforms. Thus, you not only get the high-quality photos but also easily release your photos through the mobile platform. This application is very useful in case that you are not convenient to carry the laptop or tablet.

Nikon Coolpix S32 Digital Camera; A Perfect Outdoor Diving Camera

2014-2-25 13-33-57

Nikon has launched a new digital camera recently, Coolpix S32, which is suitable for users of all ages. It is waterproof and shockproof. Nikon claimed that it could be intact when it fells to the ground up to 1.5 meter high or downs into 10 meters deep underwater, which means diving is not a completely for this digital camera, or you can even take it in the snow when temperatures are as cold as 14°F. Moreover, it features 2.7 inch LCD screen which give convenience for the users to use graphical interface. The interface is easy to understand and operate.
2014-2-25 13-34-28
This digital camera adopts CMOS image sensor enables you to shoot without a flash, and supports for 3*optical zoom or slide to show pictures. Other features include motion detection, Smart Portrait System, Scene modes and speical effects. It was said that this digital camera will on sale on March and only costs 129.95 dollars. While and blue colors are available. If you happen to look for a cost-effective outdoor sport camera with high performance, this Nikon Coolpix S32 digital camera is worth for consideration. It can record full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound for dazzling movies.

2014-2-25 13-34-51

Nikon Coolpix S32 Digital Camera Specifications

Image Sensor
Image Sensor: CMOS
Effective Pixels: 13.2 million
Total Pixels: 14.17 million
Image Size: 4160*3120 (13M)

Lens: 3* optical Zoom
Digital Zoom: 4* digital camera
Lens Focal Length: 4.1-12.3mm (angle of view equivalent to that of 30-90mm lens in 35mm [135] format)
Lens Construction: 6 elements in 5 groups

TFT-LCD screen with Anti-reflection coating and 5-level brightness adjustment

Storage Media
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card

Video Resolution
Full HD: 1920×1080/ 30p
VGA 640×480/ 30p
VGA 640×480/ 15p

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL19

JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) equivalent (under our testing conditions)
Capacity to shoot pictures underwater up to a depth of 10 m (33 ft.) and for 60 minutes

Cleared our testing conditions compliant with MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock

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